About the Shop

Running Wild Designs is an eco-boutique for hip mamas and their bébes. We only use high-quality materials that are eco-driven. In other words, all of our materials are made with intention and dedication: our products are made with certified-organic cotton, soft bamboo fabric, and durable recycled hemp material. We check to ensure that no toxic chemicals or dyes are used on the fabrics as well as on our natural wood chew beads, and handmade wooden buttons. It’s important to us that the materials surrounding your baby and your skin are safe for baby to chew on, healthy for the planet, durable, and enjoyable to own.

I opened Running Wild Designs as an Etsy shop on October 1, 2013, selling infinity scarves and handbags. Sustainability has been at the core of my business motto since day one which has lead me to be particularly picky about the materials I use. I did my research but kept hitting dead-ends: recycled materials can be hard to come by, especially for the small business owner. I finally stumbled across an organic cotton and recycled hemp supplier in California and was wowed with the quality of samples they sent me! The color, texture, patterns, and overall quality of these sustainable fabric options made me gitty to place my first order and get sewing – working with such high-quality material makes the designing stages enjoyable and lends to an end product that I’m proud to sell.


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