Welcome to the land of chaos, where everything is done on the fly and all my ideas are the best ideas all the way until they turn out to be the worst ideas.

I’m a picture-taker, distance runner, Pilates junkie, coffee snob, outdoorsy hippie, and big city lover. I blog and operate a small biz called Running Wild Designs – where everything is handmade with organic cotton, bamboo, recycled hemp, and coming soon… recycled cotton! I’m inspired by life’s simple + beautiful moments, family, traveling, good food, and photography done well.

My husband and I live in Iowa City and although we often daydream of living somewhere more exotic, we focus on the here and now, which leads us to realize how much we truly love this city. We’ve previously lived in Fayetteville, Arkansas; St. Paul, Minnesota; and Hopkins, Minnesota. I haven’t always been a city gal though! My two sisters and I grew up on a Wisconsin dairy farm where we did crazy things like train horses, zoom around on ATVs to herd cattle, go outside before school in the morning and after school at night to do chores, and help with harvest by shuttling tractors around the farm!

This is a rambling of life with my husband Brandon, cat Lila, and dog Koda.


2 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Hi Rachel! I followed on Twitter and FB but the Instagram link isn’t working on my end. Your Etsy shop is totally cute! I LOVE the teething necklaces!

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