12 organic days of christmas {an etsy guide for mama & bebe} | day 1: fluffmonger

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So I came up with this stupidly awesome idea to do a series on organic etsy shops for mamas and bebes…

Yup, in the height of this absurdly busy season, these small biz owners have lent me a few moments of their time so that you can learn a little about what makes them and their tiny empires tick! I’ll be introducing you to a new eco-focused small business each day for the next 12 days… holey Christmas trees. Perhaps this is a sign I’m being a bit too merry with the egg nog?

Please note that not a single shop in this series is paying to be here. These shops are here because I deem them awesome. I hand-selected all 12 shops based off their quality and selection of organic/eco-conscious products.

And so I bring you, the 12 Organic Days of Christmas

Etsy 12 Organic Days of Christmas for Mama & Bebe

On the first day of Christmas I want to introduce you to… adorable organic plushies from fluffmonger! This shop seriously wows me – from her impossibly adorable designs to the distance she goes to ensure the materials used in her creations are organic and pure, business owner Jenny has created something truly admirable.

I mean, c’mon. They’re insanely cute…

An interview with Jenny, owner of fluffmonger
(Greensboro, North Carolina, USA)

► fluffmonger – how did you come up with this brand name and what does it symbolize? 

I initially was going to name my shop “fluffmonster” after one of the many nick-names I have for my cat. At some point, “fluffmonger” popped into my head, and I thought that made more sense since it literally means a person who sells fluff.

► Think back to when you first began dreaming up fluffmonger; what one piece of advice would you send back in a time capsule to yourself?

I probably would have just told myself to stop second-guessing my ideas and start sooner. I initially started thinking about making organic plush close to two years ago, but I didn’t really get started on any of the plush designs or sourcing organic materials until late this past summer.

► What keeps you inspired? Do you have any techniques for getting out of a rut? 

Whenever I get in a rut, I typically set aside whatever I’ve been working on for a few days and try something new. Sometimes I just try designing something I normally wouldn’t take the time to design and sew or I find a soft toy sewing pattern on Etsy to try out.

► Name a most used or favorite tool for creating your product… 

My favorite tool is a pair of hemostat locking clamps. They’re like tiny, curved locking pliers that look like a pair of scissors. They help with flipping even the most impossibly small pieces that I sew. They’re also great for pulling sewing needles through thick layers of fabric when I can’t push them through by hand.

► What activities keep you busy in your free time?

I enjoy cooking in my spare time. My husband was actually the one who taught me how to cook. After he did, we started preparing all of our meals at home. There’s a co-op right next to his work, so he stops by there every day on his way home from work and gets all the organic produce and whatever else we need and then we cook dinner together.

► List three adjectives that describe the style of your shop:

eco – minimalist – playful

► What eco-initiatives have you established within your business? 

All of the materials I use for my designs are organic and ethically sourced. Most of the organic fabrics I use are scraps from a local zero-waste company. Some of the cotton used for the fabrics is even grown here in NC, and the embroidery floss that I use is hand-dyed and hand-plied in the Carolinas. The organic thread, organic buckwheat hulls, and other organic fabrics are either fair trade or come from reputable companies.

I decided to incorporate the use of organic and ethically-sourced materials into my designs after noticing a dramatic improvement in my health by switching to a whole-foods organic diet and replacing my personal and household products with natural alternatives. When I realized how detrimental many commonly-used chemicals are to our health and environment, I wanted to start using materials that were safe for the people who made them and for the environment.

► What’s next for fluffmonger? 

I will be selling my plush at the Handmade for the Holidays Craft Fair at Deep Roots Co-op in Greensboro, NC on Saturday, December 13th from 11-3. 

► Do you have a favorite quote?

“There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Please support this small, handmade business! Shop fluffmonger on etsy and follow on facebook and twitter.

shop fluffmonger on etsy! | Copyright Fluffmogner 2014

shop fluffmonger on etsy! | Copyright Fluffmogner 2014

This is post 1 of 12 in the 12 Organic Days of Christmas series. To view other shops featured in this series, click HERE