what’s in my winter beauty cabinet

Midwest winters are extremely cold and dry, which makes my skin extra chapped and hair embarrassingly frizzy. Since the air is so harsh right now I try to focus more closely on the quality of products I use; thinking more about the ingredients becomes a priority. To treat my hair and skin well, I look for products that are rich in naturally-occurring, plant-based ingredients and options that aren’t tested on animals.

Here’s a peek at some of my go-to products and pick-me-ups for these sometimes beautiful but always cold winter months:

what's in my bathroom cabinet: winter | by the Rachel Running Wild blog | rachelrunningwild.me

shelf one: lotion + skin care

► I can’t get enough of THIS Sonia Kashuk Body Butter in Yellow Alluriana!

► Here’s a trick I picked up from my Grandma – use THIS ultra-basic baby lotion for gentle eye area moisturizer! Since I use an anti-wrinkle cream at night (not pictured but THIS is what I’m using right now), I like to use gentle baby lotion before applying makeup in the morning. My skin doesn’t feel heavy this way and it has such a calm, soothing scent!

► Lush makes some crazy wonderful products. Made from scratch and using ingredients I can actually pronounce, THIS mud mask is minty and leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. My younger sister gave me a goody basket of Lush products for Christmas, so I’ve been using the mud mask every one to two weeks ever since. It’s heavenly.

► My morning and night facial cleansing routine includes THIS exfoliating cleanser and THIS lotion.

what's in my bathroom cabinet: winter | by the Rachel Running Wild blog | rachelrunningwild.me

shelf two: nails + hair (plus deodorant + my spa hack)

► My home manicures always include a base of THIS bamboo and green tea nail strengthener. Right now my favorite nail colors are Double-Breasted Jacket and Fiji by Essie.

► I’m obsessed with all things lavender – it seems to be something that runs in the family. THIS is my favorite natural-ingredient deodorant. I love how light it feels since there’s no need for military-grade deodorant in these frigid months. I hope. Someone please tell me if I’m wrong.

► I burn THIS soy candle when I’m taking a bath or if I don’t have time for a bath but still want a 10 minute spa escape, I like to light 2-3 small candles and shower by candlelight. It’s amazing how zen a little candlelight can make a regular ‘ol shower.

► When my hair is getting particularly dry and frizzy, I’ll run a small amount of THIS pomade through it.

► After every shower and before using a hair dryer, I run a pea-sized amount of THIS conditioner through my wet hair.

what's in my bathroom cabinet: winter | by the Rachel Running Wild blog | rachelrunningwild.me

shelf three: makeup 

THIS is the smoothest, most heavenly black eyeliner, THIS is what I use to create a bold brow look, and I wear THIS pizazzy shadow in Toast for daytime and in Festivity for date nights.

► Depending on what the weather’s doing and what I have in store for the day, I alternate between THIS basic mascara that nourishes the eyelash follicle, and THIS waterproof butterfly-lash mascara in blackest black.

► I’ve been using THIS concealer in Balsa through the winter months since that’s when my skin is fairest, and THIS powder doesn’t crease with wrinkles and keeps my oily skin looking fresh all day.

THIS Aveda earthy red lipstick in Sheer Roseleaf is minty and my favorite for date nights, and THIS Pixi shea balm in Coral has become my favorite for days when I feel especially ready to be done with winter!

THIS Sonia Kashuk blush in melon looks so sweet and natural on fair skin.

(Side note, seeing my bathroom organized into tidy mason jars always help me feel put together and on top of life. It’s the little things!)

Any products here that you use and love? What’s your number one favorite winter beauty product? 


2 thoughts on “what’s in my winter beauty cabinet

  1. Great post! I just did a general winter favorites post. I recommend trying argan oil. I use it mostly for my dry skin and it works wonders, but I hear it’s great for frizzy hair as well. I use Josie Maran’s from Sephora.

    • ooh yes! I recently started using Renpure’s argan oil shampoo and love how silky smooth it makes my hair! Also, beautiful job on the winter favorites youtube video – I loved it!

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