let’s hit the ground running: month one of the fitness plan is here!

Two weeks ago I asked you guys to join me in my initiative of becoming healthier and more fit. So with Sunday being the first day of February, I’m dropping in to share the fitness plan with you. I’ve designed this plan so you can start it at any time – although I’d be thrilled if you’ll join me in reaching these goals together since it’s so much easier to accomplish fitness goals when working as a team!

Fitness Series | by the Rachel Running Wild blog | rachelrunningwild.me

Something many of you probably don’t know about me is that I’m a trained STOTT Pilates instructor and while working towards my certification, I was also working on my bachelor degree in mental health, running collegiate cross country and track, and leading group fitness classes and personal training sessions for faculty, staff, and students.

At the end of this post, you can download a packet that will lead you through the fitness routine I’ve designed. Here’s a little background information about what’s in the packet…

Page one is the Fitness Guide, which gives guidelines for your goals through the first month. My favorite thing about this program is that there are ranges so if you’re just not feeling great one week, you can take it easier. I also love that the cardio is broken into minutes rather than mileage or intensities so that it can cater to your current fitness level…

Are you a real-life Super Woman, looking to get back in the game? Awesome – go for a brisk 30 minute walk!

Are you a in-the-peak-of-her-game Super Woman fitness junkie? Whoa – go for a 30 minute sprint!

Page two is a page of workout inspiration! There are lots of ideas on there and I encourage you to add to it! Change things up as you go through the month to keep the workouts fun and to avoid burning out!

Page three is a blank calendar for you to schedule your workouts! Use page one as your guide and schedule your workouts around your busy month!

Page four is a quick explanation of how to use the calendar.

Page five is a sample of what my workout schedule looks like! You’ll notice I’m doing barre3 on my strengthening days – I LOVE these workouts! They’re a blend of pilates, yoga, and dance and always leave me feeling so refreshed! I’ve talked about barre3 in the past HERE. You’re welcome to copy my exact schedule or dance to the beat of your own drum!

Fitness and healthy eating have been a huge part of my life for a really long time so I’m crazy excited to share my experience with you! I hope you’ll share your fitness goals and accomplishments here and on instagram (@ rachelrunningwild) – let’s do this together! 

To download month one of the fitness plan packet, click HERE 

This is month one of my three-month fitness program. To read my personal motivations for the fitness plan, go HERE. Look for the second month of this plan in late February! 


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