homemade granola recipe

I’ve been making our own homemade granola for several years now – it’s a perfect snack sprinkled in yogurt or even as a cereal substitute. My absolute favorite thing about this recipe though is who gave it to me.

One of my long-time friends, Anna, gave me this recipe back in college. She’s an amazing baker and used to whip this granola up to hand out to all of our friends as study pick-me-ups. I loved the stuff so much that she finally gave me the recipe and I’ve since gotten my mom hooked on it too! It’s seriously so. delicious.

As I’m gearing up to start a new running program, I’ve been feeling extra hungry so this granola is a perfect high-protein snack that’s loaded with great things like fiber, folic acid, and magnesium. Once you’ve made the recipe once, you’ll find that it’s really customizable – substitute maple syrup for the honey, vegetable oil for the grapeseed oil, bran for the wheat germ, etc. Mine’s never the same but it always revolves around this base:

Granola Recipe | by the Rachel Running Wild blog | rachelrunningwild.me

 Do you make your own granola or other snacks? What’s one of your favorite go-to recipes? 


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