tuesday treasures {black + white geometry around the home}

Around this time every year I begin looking for ways to add a little extra color to our home but this year I’ve been more obsessed with bold, contrasting patterns than pops of color. I’m also trying to spend more time focusing on the quality of what I bring into our home. I love find a good sale at Target but so many times I’ll buy something simply because I want to snatch it before everyone else does. What can I say, I’m a sucker for good marketing.

But I’d so very much rather own one really high-quality, handmade goodie with a backstory than a handful of cheap finds that’re only my favorite until my next cheap buy.

black + white geometry around the home: tuesday treasures | by the Rachel Running Wild Blog, rachelrunningwild.me

1. Cat Brooch // by SketchInc

2. Mini Alarm Clock // by TheThingsThatWere

3. Night Landscape // by Ffufland

4. Weaving Wall Hanging // by HazelAndHunter

5. Geometric Print Circles Art // by MelindaWoodDesigns

6. Macrame Wall Hanger // by SomeWereMeantForSea

7. Organic Cotton Baby Beanie // by FoxAndRebel

8. Stripe Tent Teepee // by AshleyGabby

9. Felted Wool Cat Cave // by AgnesFelt

10. Ceramic Coasters Woodland Pattern // by Tilissimo

11. Traingles Foldover Clutch Bag // by Razolly

12. Hand Painted Laser Cut Wood Stud Earrings // by CirkusCharm

13. White Black Post Earrings // by Lepun

14. Geometric Triangles Decorative Pillow // by BeadAndReel

15. Woody Succulent Planter // by Frausieben

16. Abstract Geometric 2015 Wall Calendar // by BrownBearStudio

See these Tuesday Treasures on Etsy and check out what else these inspiring shop owners have created!


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