let’s hit the ground running: want to join me in becoming healthier?

Earlier this week I mentioned that I signed up to run the Ragnar Relay so to briefly summarize what the heck that means, I’ll just say that it’s a looong distance team relay event that typically starts in one big city and ends in another big city. There are several locations such as Colorado, New York, Cape Cod… and I’m going to be participating in the Chicago location! Our race starts in Madison, Wisconsin and finishes in Chicago, Illinois, so everyone on our 12-person team will run several times through the day and night until we reach the finish. In the time when I’m not racing, I’ll be riding in a van behind whichever teammate is currently pounding away at the asphalt…

…now does that sound like a party or what?!

Honestly though, it’s going to be an awesome time as our van will stop in the towns we pass through along the way, I’ll be running with good friends (including my husband!), making new friends, and we’re supporting an awesome charity (Back On My Feet)!

But here’s the catch…

out for a run | Rachel Running Wild, rachelrunningwild.me

…I haven’t ran more than twice since Thanksgiving and I’m not sure my runs over last summer actually count as runs. Probably more like slow jogging, so… slogging. Anyway, what I’m getting at is that I’m crazy out of shape and desperately need to get fit and healthy and motivated again. I think this Ragnar Relay may be the motivation I’ve been needing to get my butt back in shape.

So now I have a proposal for you! Training alone is impossibly hard. And I’d be so incredibly thrilled if you would join me in becoming healthier and more fit. Please??

I'm an upper midwest gal and I love my snow | Rachel Running Wild blog

For now this is merely food for thought. But at the end of this month, on January 31st, I’m going to post a link for you to download the training schedule and food recommendations that I’ll be following; the fitness plan will officially begin on February 1st and will last for 3 months. The best thing about this plan is that it’ll work for you whether a one mile walk is a solid workout or whether you’re a repeat marathon runner (and, so that you can trust I’m not making these fitness plans up as I go, I’ll tell you a little about my fitness and nutrition training and certifications).

So how about it? Are you up for joining me in this initiative to become more healthy and active?

If so, here’s assignment #1: Between now and February 1st let’s start making it a goal to be active (ie. get that heart rate up!) for at least 20 minutes a day, on at least 3 days a week from now until February 1st. Maybe this means a brisk walk, a short jog, a few laps at the local pool, a bike ride around town – you pick what works best for you!


What do you think?

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