spring 2015 color trends

2015 Color Chart by the Rachel Running Wild blog | Spring 2015 | fashion design names & graphic design hex codes

It’s fun to see new color trends at the start of a new year, especially a whole palette of them! Reading up on the trend predictions for the year always makes me feel a little more trendy and in the fashion loop.

I’ve been working like a madman to improve my graphic design skills so this year I went in search for the predictions as a guide on color combinations in my graphics… which explains the combination I used in my previous post.

oh yes, I am at the forefront of fashion here guys!

These color predictions came from the Pantone® fashion color report for spring 2015. Their full report details how they recommend pairing the colors, how they expect the colors will be used design-wise, and they have some fun sketch-ups to show the colors in action. I personally really like the whole blue spectrum.

For all you graphic designers, web designers, photo editing fiends: I included hex codes in the above graphic as a reference for adding these colors to your own images and designs. Do share your creations with me, won’t you? I’d love to see what you do with these colors… you 2015 trend-setters, you! And for all you fashionistas: I included the Pantone® fashion design color names because what’s a good color without a good name?

What do you think of the spring 2015 color predictions? Any projects you’re definitely going to use one or two of these colors on? 


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