12 organic days of christmas {an etsy guide for mama & bebe} | day 12: seeking sunday

This is post 12 of 12 in the 12 Organic Days of Christmas series. To view other shops featured in this series, click HERE.  

Etsy 12 Organic Days of Christmas for Mama & Baby | Seeking Sunday

You guys. It’s day twelve of the series which means tomorrow is Christmas Eve! I’m sad this etsy-organic-mama boutique series is coming to an end but that’s okay, because I have a rockin’ shop to introduce you to as a grand finale!

Organic cotton bibs from Seeking Sunday! When I first stumbled across Seeking Sunday I reached out to Sarah, this rockin’ small biz’s owner, asking if I could feature her organic bibs in the series. And here it turns out she makes and sells a huge diversity of items! Bandanna dribble bibs, natural wood teethers, dresses, tunics, harem pants… and that beanie cap?! Oh my word.

Sarah’s products are photographed wonderfully and have a wonderful modern, clean, hipster vibe to them. You can also reach out to Sarah with custom order requests – I promise she’s really fun and easy to work with!

An interview with Sarah, owner of Seeking Sunday
(East Cowes, Isle of Wight, UK)

Seeking Sunday – how did you come up with this brand name and what does it symbolize?

Finding the name was a long road, I wanted to encapsulate my vision in a few simple words and it took a lot longer than I expected.

After 2 months of soul searching, googling, and bouncing ideas off friends and family I decided on ‘Seeking Sunday’. Sundays have always been a time of rest, relaxation and family in our house. I wanted to create a brand and a shop that offered my customers a slice of Sunday life, no matter what day it is.

► Think back to when you first began dreaming up Seeking Sunday; what one piece of advice would you send back in a time capsule to yourself?

Do your research, then do more research, be brave, take chances and work to a schedule.

► What keeps you inspired? Do you have any techniques for getting out of a rut?

Every time I get a new order I have a new surge of inspiration and drive to create more. The feedback from happy customers is always the best fix to get me out of a rut. Oh, that and shopping for new fabrics!

Pinterest and Instagram are also great ways to see what else is happening in the world. I limit my time on them though as hours can pass without even noticing.

► Name a most used or favorite tool for creating your product: 

If I am going to be honest I am going to say my Nespresso pod coffee machine and my cross trainer. Without those two in my life I would have no drive.

► What activities keep you busy in your free time?

A toddler and anything to do with the ocean, I just received a SUP from my partner (stand up paddle board) and even though its winter here I am dying to get out paddling. I also love car booting and rummaging through charity shops looking for retro and vintage treasure and knitting needles to use in my jewelry designs.

► List three adjectives that describe the style of your shop:

fresh – bold – fun

► What eco-initiatives have you established within your business?

I have another Etsy shop ‘In The Bowerbirds Nest’ that’s focused on upcycling and creating with sustainable aim. With ‘Seeking Sunday’ I wanted to offer a range of organic baby and children’s items that were fun and modern and did not break the bank.

I started using organic fabrics for the first time ever and sustainable organic wood for my teething rings. Not all my fabric is organic, I also have a range of gorgeous baby and kids clothing in cotton mix jersey. This was simply about trying to offer an affordable clothing range to families who chose not to dress their children in branded high street clothing.

Becoming a mother inspired me to use sustainable materials – it’s not my world, it’s my child’s and I want my legacy to be a positive one.

► What’s next for Seeking Sunday

I have some simply divine fabrics coming in February 2015 and am working on some other clothing items at the moment. I would love to break into home-wares at some point but that’s just a pipe dream for now.

► What book are you currently reading?

Oh dear I have about four on the burner! I am terrible at finishing a book, so at the moment it is:

  • Sucking Eggs: What Your Wartime Granny Could Teach You About Diet, Thrift and Going Green
  • Bansky: The Man Behind The Wall
  • The Hobbit
  • The Mummy Congress (amazing book I am re-reading about mummies and those who study them)

Please support this small, handmade business! Shop Seeking Sunday on etsy (also be sure to check out Seeking Sunday’s sister company, In the Bowerbirds Nest on etsy!) and follow on facebook

This is post 12 of 12 in the 12 Organic Days of Christmas series. To view other shops featured in this series, click HERE.  


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