12 organic days of christmas {an etsy guide for mama & bebe} | day 10: otter’s grove

This is post 10 of 12 in the 12 Organic Days of Christmas series. To view other shops featured in this series, click HERE.   

Etsy 12 Organic Days of Christmas for Mama & Baby | Otter's Grove

It’s day ten you guys! Crank up the holiday tunes because Christmas is almost here and today I’m introducing you to organic knit baby bonnets from Otter’s Grove!

Stephanie, owner of Otter’s Grove, knits everything in her shop by hand using luxurious organic cotton yard and the sweetest little bits of whimsy. She even offers knit baby leg warmers, decorative infant photo prop hats, headbands, and chunky scarves for mamas!

The details are so perfect – just look at those tiny pinecone embellishments!

An interview with Stephanie, owner of Otter’s Grove
(Kansas City, Missouri, USA)

Otter’s Grove – how did you come up with this brand name and what does it symbolize?

“Otter” comes from a nickname when I was little, spending summers swimming at the lake with my family. I’ve always been a nature girl and the last few years organic and clean living has become an important way of life for me. Otter’s Grove is my creative outlet for inspiration I get from nature and family.

► Think back to when you first began dreaming up Otter’s Grove; what one piece of advice would you send back in a time capsule to yourself?

Turn the tv off and put your phone down when it’s time to work. Working from home or in your own studio is such an awesome thing, but can be a big source of procrastination! Being present in the moment when I’m working helps me much more than when I sit on the couch knitting, watching New Girl. Even though I did that exact thing last week… and posted to Facebook that it was awesome. Whoops! Still good advice that I should still listen to.

► What keeps you inspired? Do you have any techniques for getting out of a rut? 

Researching new trends each season and networking with other knitting ladies helps me stay inspired. When I feel a rut coming on I usually step away from my projects and start something new or clean and organize my studio. Digging through supplies that I don’t normally use help spark new ideas.

► Name a most used or favorite tool for creating your product: 

Right now I love using bamboo knitting needles. They just seem friendlier to my hands than cold metal needles, which makes me feel like more love is being knitted into my items.

► What activities keep you busy in your free time?

Cooking and trying to find healthy recipes that taste as good as the junk my husband wants to eat. I’ve been working on a reform of the unhealthy habits we’ve had over the years, but not everyone can be a fan of quinoa, kale, and brussel sprouts. In all honesty, brussel sprouts took me a while to warm up to. Finding new recipes that cater to taste buds and health can take some time.

► List three adjectives that describe the style of your shop:

natural – eco – whimsical

► What eco-initiatives have you established within your business? 

I use organic, eco friendly, and vegan materials in everything I can. When organic isn’t an option I try to find more recycled and natural elements to work with and use for packaging.

I started switching to organic foods and all natural products as a new mom wanting the best for her little one. I’ve seen the positive impact it’s had on my family and want to promote that same concept in my shop.

► What’s next for Otter’s Grove

I’ve slowly been testing out scarves and a few other non baby items in my shop. Over the next few months I’ll be adding more women’s goods and a fresh new collection for little ones. Aside from that I’ve been collaborating on some new ideas for my branding, so that is very exciting!

► What TV show do you never miss a beat on?

I love New Girl, but I’m also a sucker for Rick Steve’s travel show on PBS.

Please support this small, handmade business! Shop Otter’s Grove on etsy and follow on facebook

Etsy 12 Organic Days of Christmas for Mama & Baby | Otter's Grove

This is post 10 of 12 in the 12 Organic Days of Christmas series. To view other shops featured in this series, click HERE


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