12 organic days of christmas {an etsy guide for mama & bebe} | day 8: elly diapers

This is post 8 of 12 in the 12 Organic Days of Christmas series. To view other shops featured in this series, click HERE.  

Etsy 12 Organic Days of Christmas for Mama & Baby | Elly Diapers

Today’s day eight and you’d better bet that I’m including organic cotton reusable diapers from Elly Diapers in the series!

Annelise, owner of Elly Diapers, sews all of her designs using organic cotton cloth and bamboo fiber cloth. You’ll have to check out her shop to get the full lowdown on how these diapers work so well but to sum things up, the diapers have a super soft organic lining which holds the multi-layer bamboo fiber soaker pad, and the exterior is a soft knit waterproof fabric (referred to as Eco-PUL fabric – it’s a fabric that’s been laminated with a solvent-free and environmentally friendly adhesive to make it waterproof) which keeps baby’s bottom free of leaks!

Isn’t it kinda awesome when you have options like this that are good for your baby, environmentally friendly, cost effective, and available in great colors and patterns?!

An interview with Annelise, owner of Elly Diapers
(Rochester, New York, USA)

Elly Diapers – how did you come up with this brand name and what does it symbolize?

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I became obsessed with all things Elephant, which became the theme of her room. Since she was the inspiration behind designing a better cloth diaper than what I could find on the market, I stuck with the Elephant theme and Elly Diapers was born!

► Think back to when you first began dreaming up Elly Diapers; what one piece of advice would you send back in a time capsule to yourself?

When I was just starting out, mainly with family and friend customers, I was more concerned with the design than the materials. I should have started with quality materials and the perfect design would have followed.

► What keeps you inspired? Do you have any techniques for getting out of a rut? 

I will usually read Etsy Success Stories to keep me going when I’m in a rut. Or buy a new PUL print that gets me motivated to sew!

► Name a most used or favorite tool for creating your product: 

I have two custom made craft tables that my husband built. They are extra tall (I’m 5’10” and hated bending down over my work all day), one is a giant ironing board and one is a cutting mat. They save me so much production time (and backache!), I don’t know how I ever did it without them!

► What activities keep you busy in your free time?

What free time?! Just kidding, but with a toddler running around (and another on the way), there certainly isn’t much of it anymore! In the few spare minutes I can find, you can probably find me at the gym or perusing Pinterest for more craft/DIY inspiration.

► List three adjectives that describe the style of your shop:

adorable – organic – absorbent

► What eco-initiatives have you established within your business?

When I opened the Etsy shop after much product testing on friends and family, I made the decision to go all organic with my materials. The soaker and lining is all different types of organic bamboo and for the outer waterproof layer I exclusively use Eco-PUL which is made with a “green” adhesive that is solvent free, environmentally friendly and releases no volatile organics. It was more costly on my end and limited my PUL print selection, but I felt it was important to lessen my footprint and keep nasty unknown materials off our babies tushes!

► What’s next for Elly Diapers

I’ve had a lot of requests for a true all-in-one design, without the pocket. I’ve been working hard on the design and hope to release it early next year! I also hope to add additional essential baby products in the future…cloth wipes, bibs, burp cloths, etc.

► What book are you currently reading?

Whatever my toddler’s pick of the week is…currently Bob the Builder!

Please support this small, handmade business! Shop Elly Diapers on etsy, and follow on facebook

Etsy 12 Organic Days of Christmas for Mama & Baby | Elly Diapers

This is post 8 of 12 in the 12 Organic Days of Christmas series. To view other shops featured in this series, click HERE.  


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