a guest post on Write to Simplicity & a promo code!

This past weekend Brandon and I held a family Halloween costume party – I’ve always loved Halloween and sometimes I worry that makes me a crazy person but who cares. It’s a great holiday.

This great holiday however, is the reason I’ve been running around like a crazy person and not managing to produce blog posts in-between the creative chaos. It’s also the reason there’s currently a bag of spider webs and a rubber tarantula on the kitchen table next to a bag of holly, cinnamon sticks, and an evergreen branch. That’s right, I finished creating and photographing the holiday gift wrap option for Running Wild Designs this week! It’s absurdly festive and even smells good. Everyone who adds the gift wrap option to their order is going to think my shop sells sugar cookies and apple dumplings on the side. mission accomplished. (check back later this week for an official shop announcement about the gift wrap options!)

But the most exciting news of the week? I’ve spent a little time over on the Write to Simplicity blog talking about my small biz growth and even some fears. AND, psst, I also provide a promo code! Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve offered up a good ‘ol promo code? a while. sorry for that. Like I said, I’ve been busy trying to keep the fake spider webs off the Christmas tree.Visit writetosimplicity.blogspot.com for a Running Wild Designs Promo Code!

Visit writetosimplicity.blogspot.com to check out my guest post and find the Running Wild Designs promo code (it expires on 11-9-14)!

p.s. anyone else see last week’s Modern Family Halloween special, Awesomeland? I’m still repeating my favorite scene where Alex explains to her mom that she’s only crazy about Halloween because it’s her way of showing that she has edge, “like accountants who buy a motorcycle…”

“…being scary is my motorcycle.”


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