baby bundle giveaway with Maggie Whitley Designs (two winners and $880 in prizes)!

Happy Monday morning! Despite having a terrible cold that’s kicking my butt this morning, today is a very exciting day for two reasons!

First: I’m excited to announce that I have partnered with Maggie Whitley Designs as a sponsor in her Baby Bundle Giveaway! Maggie is the author of Maggie Whitley Designs and small business owner of Caroline-Made. I’ve been following Maggie’s blog for several years now and she inspires me so. She gives so much love to her family, encouragement to small biz owners (not to mention the incredible path her own small business has taken!), and stays true to herself.

visit Maggie Whitely Designs!

As Maggie prepares to welcome baby number two to her family, she and her rockin’ team have put together a huge baby bundle giveaway totaling over $880 in prizes! woooo baby!

baby bundle giveaway with Maggie Whitley!

There will be two winners and you have multiple ways to enter… thus your odds of winning just might be purty good.

baby bundle giveaway with Maggie Whitley!

So head over to Maggie Whitley Designs to enter!

Second: the (first ever!)  Running Wild Newsletter goes out at noon (central time) today! If you haven’t signed up to receive the newsletter yet, join the bandwagon HERE. This is a monthly newsletter that will be released in the first week of every month!


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