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etsy shop item infographic for Running Wild Designs

Yeppers, the Rachel Running Wild blog and Running Wild Designs etsy shop now offer a newsletter!

Released in the first week of every month and built to read like your favorite magazine, the Running Wild Newsletter chats it up about new shop products (with exclusive etsy shop promo codes!), good for the soul non-profits, home and wardrobe fashion tidbits, and feel-good health tips!

You can now sign up by clicking the yellow triangle below or in the margin to the right (or HERE!). I’m thrilled to be connecting with you on another platform! I consider this the “insiders club” …because all insiders clubs are completely inclusive, right? Okay so maybe not, but the function of this newsletter is to make this small brand I’ve created, as inclusive as possible. Because without support, it has no legs and no purpose. So I want you to know exactly what goes into every design and exactly what morals this small biz is set on. We can rant all day about how great small businesses are for the local economy but at the end of the day, without good intentions and an open framework, that business is no better than the one down the street who’s outsourcing all of it’s positions. Agreed?

So let’s do this together – because I love what I make and I love connecting with you!

sign up for the Running Wild Newsletter

Thank you for letting me be part of your day, I am truly grateful for your support of this blog and handmade shop.

Click here to sign up for the Running Wild Newsletter! 


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