tuesday treasures (PLUS new fall items are now available in the shop!)

Happy first day of fall!

I’ve been craving long chunky sweaters and chai lattes these past two weeks and even though we’re still having some days in the upper 70s, I’m completely ready to hide my shorts under the bed until next year. Fall is always my favorite time of the year and this year I’m going to be even more excited about it and the holidays since last year we were living in Arkansas and I sort of feel like we missed the season and holidays altogether.

My winter wardrobe hasn’t been updated in a long. long. looong time. I have a navy blue peacoat that I absolutely love and have always supplemented it with a new scarf but it’s getting a little worn out so this year I’ll probably have to get a new jacket. So as my brain starts to daydream of cozy warm knits, here’s an Etsy treasury list of which items I’m craving…

Tuesday Treasures: Fall Fashion Knit and Crochet

See these Tuesday Treasures on Etsy and check out what else these inspiring shop owners have created!

Speaking of Etsy shops…

Have you visited the Running Wild Designs shop now that it’s chock-full of the new fall 2014 designs?! Soo many new items! I’ve been crazy excited to launch this fall line and am already gearing up for the winter designs.

Visit the Running Wild Designs shop to see what I’ve been up to.


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