what i’ve been up to lately

Things have been quiet here this week, mainly because I’ve been stuck trying to form my ideas into sentences.  It’s frustrating when I have a huge list of all the things I want to write blog posts about (literally, a long list that’s color-coded by which days of the week I want each to be published by!) but when I sit down to actually write one of those blogs posts, I struggle to come up with something that’s fluid and won’t bore you to death. I’m taking this as a good sign that the creative projects I’m working on are absorbing all my focus right now and will be that much more amazing as a result… just at the expense of blogging.

So since I’m blaming the frenzy of projects I’m working on for my lack of blog posts this week, I thought it’d be fun to let you in on a bit of the chaos:

DIY bedroom revamp, reveal coming soon

ΔΔ We’ve been getting terrible sleep in our new place so I’m overhauling the decorating situation of our bedroom. Hopefully the end product is inviting enough to help enforce going to bed earlier! There are a few upcycled DIY projects involved in this makeover so I’m making tutorials and after the final room makeover is revealed, I’ll do a mini series of all the projects involved. ΔΔ

ΔΔ We spent Labor Day weekend in Minnesota to help my little sister Michelle move into her first apartment! We also ate some dang good food while up there and went to the State Fair – but you wouldn’t know that because I’ve been going through a phase where I forget to bring my phone everywhere I go and I never realize it until I’m either a) lost or b) wishing I could snap a quick picture of the food I’m about to wolf down. Therefore I have this one picture from the delicious Pizza Nea (I’ve talked about Pizza Nea in the past HERE) to show from an entire weekend of amazing food. ΔΔ

ΔΔ I’ve been designing LOTS of new fall items! I can hardly wait to reveal all the new sustainable items I’ve been creating – I’ll announce a launch date soon (at the very latest it’ll be on the first day of fall, September 23rd – how crazy does that sound?!). Every time I walk into our office and peek into the tubs where I store inventory, I get super giddy and want to do a jig! I’m also partnering with sponsors and working on some fun ad campaigns (ya know… grown-up, big kid stuff!). Lastly, let it be noted that while upping the ante on my product photos will be well worth the time invested, this is c r a z y time consuming and tedious and sometimes makes me want to scream. ΔΔ

blueberry mojito, recipe coming soon

ΔΔ Finally, my Michigan blueberry mojito recipe. Oh my goodness, if you’re in Iowa City or near Iowa City or ever have a desire to travel to Iowa City… please stop by for some homemade blueberry mojitos! They’re dang good and it’s been so nice to hang out in the backyard with one of these in hand. ΔΔ


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