iowa city: a foodie’s small-town paradise

Last night was Taste of Iowa City and I have to say, as a foodie and new resident of Iowa City, I was impressed! Over 40 different restaurants represented by setting up shop on the street to sell miniature samplings from their menus.

Taste of Iowa City

It was such a fun way to explore some of the restaurants we haven’t had a chance to try yet. My favorite by far was Brix Cheese Shop & Wine Bar.

Taste of Iowa City

One of the samples here included a mint-infused lemonade and it was soo good! They also have an inviting little sidewalk patio where we actually ended up sitting down and having a couple glasses of wine with a cheese and nut pairing board. It was the perfect way to stop and soak up all the smells, sounds, and beautiful weather.

Taste of Iowa City

Caramelized peaches and walnuts with blue cheese and spring greens?! yes. please. Actually I’ll take five.

Taste of Iowa City

El Banditos. I’ve heard it’s the best Mexican restaurant in Iowa City and now I know why. They source their ingredients locally, from the veggies to the meat (their beef comes from Grass Run Farms in nearby Decorah, Iowa). This is my kind of place!

Taste of Iowa City

It’s hard not to fall in love with Downtown Iowa City. I could spend an entire day just taking photos of all the buildings around the pedestrian mall.

Taste of Iowa City

Why have I never thought to make blueberry lemonade? How delicious and with all the Michigan blueberries currently in our refrigerator… don’t mind if I do!

Iowa City, you sure know how to win our hearts!


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