our wedding preview | part 1: getting ready + the bridal party

This is part one of our wedding recap. Go HERE for part two and HERE for part three.

Our transition into married life has been a whirlwind. We moved from Arkansas to Iowa one month after getting married which meant our first month was spent packing and the second month was spent unpacking. Last weekend we passed our three month anniversary and went to Backpocket Brewery to celebrate (more on that another time!). It’s finally starting to sink in that Iowa is our new home – up until now everything has felt a little surreal, like we’re on vacation or something. But now that things are falling into a routine, we’re finally wrapping up the last of our post-wedding details by sending out thank you cards, organizing photos from the day, scrapbooking the cards and what not…

There are too many good memories in these photos, so I’m sharing them with you through two three posts. I’ll try and get the next recap out in the coming two weeks.

ΔΔ Brandon and I were married on May 17, 2014 at Chankaska Creek Ranch and Winery in Kasota, Minnesota. We did group photos before the ceremony so the “first look” happened on a bridge over the creek that runs through the winery’s property. It was completely perfect. ΔΔ

ΔΔ The winery had so many natural, beautiful spaces. I’m daydreaming of how fun it’ll be to go back on anniversaries for a glass of wine and some time spent reminiscing our wedding day. ΔΔ

ΔΔ I did all of my own makeup. A few days before the wedding I had an consultation appointment with Juut Salon in Edina, Minnesota to go over my current makeup routine and practice some ways to spice it up for wedding day. ΔΔ

Here’s what makeup I wore:  lipsNourish-Mint™ in 401-Sheer Roseleaf (with a base layer of SoftLips® Vanilla Lip Balm) | skinInner Light™ Concealer in 02-Honey | skinInner Light™ Mineral Pressed Powder in 02-Honey | cheeksSonia Kashuk® Beautifying Blush in 09-Melon | eyesRevlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Brown | eyesNew York Color Individual Eyes Palate in 942-Smokey Blues | eyelashesL’Oreal Paris Voluminous Butterfly Mascara in 871- Waterproof Blackest Black

ΔΔ While us girls were getting ready in the bridal suite, the guys were down the hall, doing the same. Well… except one of the guys who was working on his speech for the reception! ΔΔ

ΔΔ This is where the butterflies really took flight, ohh my goodness! I was a tiny bit nervous to be putting on my dress! …and just to be clear, I wasn’t nervous about marrying Brandon! I was terrified about being in the spotlight. For an entire day. That gives me way too many opportunities to fall on my face or do something horribly embarrassing. Luckily, I can count the number of times I embarrassed myself on one hand! ΔΔ

ΔΔ My nephew Kaleb, the ring bearer, got ready with us. I can’t get over how dapper he is! ΔΔ

ΔΔ I had two bridesmaids (my older sister Krystal, and younger sister Michelle) and Brandon had two groomsmen (his younger brother Andrew, and long-time friend Todd). I loved having a small bridal party, it was so much more intimate. ΔΔ

ΔΔ My sisters have always been so supportive and really did an incredible job of letting me have my wedding-day meltdowns and then swooping in to put me back together. They’re awesome people. ΔΔ

ΔΔ They’re also really pretty people. ΔΔ

ΔΔ These guys have so much personality. I love that they were all on board for wearing the whimsical socks Brandon picked out – so fun! I have to laugh at how differently they each wear their socks though : ) ΔΔ

© Ash & James Photography

ΔΔ I’ll end part one of this wedding preview with one of our group pictures. This is our combined family – one of the best pictures from our day. ΔΔ

This is part one of our wedding recap. Go HERE for part two and HERE for part three.


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