tuesday treasures {kitchen pantry – coffee}

How do you take your coffee? More importantly, what do you drink your coffee out of? When Brandon and I made our wedding registries, we had to make a decision on which coffee cups we wanted to fill our kitchen cabinet with. That was a hard decision – how am I supposed to know what coffee cups I’m still going to want to drink out of in 50 years from now?! So we came up with the decision that we’d try something a little out of the norm. We decided not to have a matching set and instead make an eclectic collection of mis-matched mugs. And so far, I’m loving it!

Every day you have new chaos to tackle, so why not be able to pick which coffee cup gets to combat the craziness with you? Check out my roundup of handmade Etsy coffee cups and related craftiness here. 

tuesday treasures - kitchen pantry coffee

See these items on Etsy and see what else these inspiring shop owners have created! 


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