tuesday treasures {inspirational wall art}

I’ve spent a lot of time decorating our home this past week – you know, hanging our wedding photos, nitpicking furniture arrangements, melting our blackout curtains in the dryer… the typical home decor to-do list. Since I’m trying not to hang our wedding photos in every nook and cranny, I’ve been incorporating fun inspirational quotes from Etsy. I love buying downloadable art from Etsy because of the fact that it’s instant downloads gratification (and it’s almost always under $10! whaaaa?!). Seriously. I see an empty wall, search Etsy for five minutes, download my purchase, send it to our photo printer, and voila! Shiny new art on my wall.

Instant gratification, I’m telling you.

So here’s a roundup of my favorite instant gratification wall art. What’s even cooler than the instant gratification and awesome prices is that this art is all handmade! By real people with a real personalities who run their own small businesses.  crazy. stinkin’. awesome.

tuesday treasures - motivational quotes

See these items on Etsy and check out what else these inspiring shop owners have created! 


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