my favorite food

Yesterday I was asked what my favorite food is. I wasn’t being asked by a little kid or by a pushy waiter, but by a potential future employer! My favorite food has never changed so many times over the course of ten minutes.

My favorite food? Well, my family’s artisan butter rolls of course. But wait, does that make me come across as persnickety because I’m a lover of fancy-schmancy artisan bread? Perhaps. Okay fine, it’s summer and I love me a classic BLT. But wait, does that make me sound grossly plain-Jane? Yes, but not if I put avocado on it and use artisan bread! ah hah! The perfect balance between plain-Jane and fancy-pants-Jane.

To properly make and enjoy your fancy-pants BLT, start with fresh artisan bread. You know the kind – crispy and chewy outside, soft and stretchy inside. Can you smell it? Okay now for the mayonnaise – that goes on one piece of bread. Then layer a generous amount of hot, extra crispy bacon on top of the mayo. As a kid, this is where I interjected that the mayo is used to hold the pigs in their bed and the lettuce goes on top as their blanket (and no grimacing at my bluntness here; we’re all perfectly content with the popular hot dog dish we affectionately labeled “Pigs in a Blanket.” Also I said all of this when I was a kid, so it’s cute.). Now, since this is a fancy-pants BLT, we need to add our avocado. That goes on the remaining piece of bread so the tomatoes can mingle with the nutty flavor while your artisan bread keeps the tomatoes from slipping away.

What’s your favorite food and are you picky about how it’s made?


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