saying goodbye {with poems for grandpa}

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to my Grandpa for the last time. It was a phone call I will never forget and a memory I’m lucky to have. Living in Arkansas has had it’s downs; the biggest one being that both Brandon and I were not able to be around for the passing of two grandparents this year. So when my Dad called me at 2:30am on Tuesday morning to talk to my Grandpa, I quickly pinched myself awake and pulled out the scrap of paper where I had written my thoughts and favorite poems for him.

I talked about the weather in Arkansas and read him my poems, explaining why each one was special to me and hoping he might find peace in the colorful words and smooth rhythm.

After fifteen minutes I hung up the phone, closed my eyes and hoped that he could be free from his pain soon. At 5:45am my Dad called again to tell me that Grandpa had passed away half an hour after our early-morning phone call.

Two poems that already held special meaning for me now hold tremendously special memories. I’ll never know how much he was able to hear from what I said but hearing him say “Hi Rachel” and “I love you” through slurred speech makes me so happy that I got tell my Grandpa, one more time, how much I love him.

Click here to read my poems for Grandpa 


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