new website, new logo, new home {why we’re moving out of state… again}

Lots and LOTS of changes have been happening in this neck of the woods! For starters, I have this flashy new website – YAY! I hope you love it as much as I do. I’ve been sketching all kinds of ideas over the last three months in preparation for this update and with the wedding being over, I was finally able to pounce on it and make it happen! This flashy new site has so many more capabilities than I had with the last one, so keep poking around as I grow into this fancy-schmancy place…

Seriously worlds better, right?

website update comparison

Also in the nature of changing and growing online, the Running Wild Designs shop has a new logo! What do you think??!

Running Wild Designs Logo

I love it. That too is something I’ve been doodling for months. I literally have seven pages of doodles with about fifteen doodles per page of what the new logo was going to look like. Obsessive much? yeeeah.

And finally, the really BIG, crazy awesome update I need to share with you about our postal address… we’re moving! …again! I know, it seems like I was just writing about our move from downtown St. Paul, Minnesota to tiny little Fayetteville, Arkansas. That move happened in September, about nine months ago and it was a really exhilarating experience. Brandon and I (aka: my husband… that still sounds crazy!) knew that if we were going to experience living outside our comfort zone, this was the time to do it. For the most part, we’ve learned a lot and had some great experiences down here but truth be told, we miss home. We miss being within a short day’s drive from our family and friends and we’re ready to have that back. We both received our bachelor degrees in Iowa and fell in love with the area long ago; it’s a really beautiful place. So when a career opportunity in Iowa City presented itself for Brandon, we were pretty darn excited to be moving to the great plains of Iowa to become, dare I say it… Iowans (gasp!).

University of Arkansas water fountain

déjà vu… we’re about to pack up and move our fur-babies and home back to the cold, blustery North!

We’re making the move into a little townhouse in a really neat, artsy neighborhood in Iowa City on July 1st. I’m crossing my fingers that the drive goes smoothly with our two kiddos in the car – Koda (our hyper-shy Chow Chow pup) and Lila (our moody, epileptic, calico panther cat). If you have any suggestions on how to travel with two fur-babies who strongly dislike each other, I’m all ears  ; )


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