life lately

I know a few months back I said I wouldn’t talk wedding here but you guys, this is a lifestyle blog. And what’s happening in my life right now? I’m planning a wedding.

So here’s a newsflash for you: planning a wedding is exhausting.

It involves being emotionally-vested in a large event that’s one of the biggest milestones in your life. Yep, that’s exhausting just to think about. Perhaps some of our other major life events are playing roles here too though. Events like adopting our dog, living an adventure so far from family and what we’ve always known as home, and our recent career changes.

All of these things are so wonderful though and I love that we’ve had the courage to pursue them. Even though I might get tired and yes, a little grumpy at times, these things wouldn’t be happening if we didn’t take risks and follow our hearts. All of the stress and exhaustion I feel right now, that’s part of the adventure. Because if you don’t push yourself to feel a little stressed or tired, you won’t reach your full potential. And those big, gutsy dreams we all have… they’re packed with potential too.

Following dreams has really been a theme in our life through the past year or more and although it can be nerve-wracking, it also adds so much self-satisfaction.

sunset in Fayetteville, AR

So here I am in Arkansas, doing courageous things and following dreams. Doing what feels right. Making changes. Leaving comfort zones.

In addition to the wedding planning, I’ve been planning something huge for several months now and I’m slowly getting closer to being able to actually make this dream happen! eek!

I can’t wait to share this dream with you – what dreams do you have? 


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