a month in photos {December}

December? 2014? That all happened? I’ve been in such a whirlwind lately that I’ve struggled to even enjoy what’s going on around me; we drove to Minnesota for Christmas (only one month after driving to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving) and we had tons of wedding-related meetings, visited lots of family, did a couple happy hours with friends, broke my car, fixed my car, did some post-Christmas discount light shopping, drank one too many peppermint mochas, lived out of a hotel, and killed exactly two whole Kleenex boxes…

Unfortunately I came down with a crazy concoction of colds while on our trip. My doctor informed me on New Year’s Eve that I have bronchitis and mono. Lucky me! Thankfully my x-ray came back today to verify that I don’t have pneumonia but good grief… bronchitis and mono? During Christmas and New Year’s Eve? I don’t like to point fingers or make accusations, especially when it comes down to me blaming myself… but perhaps only getting four hours of sleep per night for the majority of December was the underlying culprit. Just maybe.


What do you think?

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