the wedding website is now live!

So… checking things off the to-do list. It’s happening! I’ve been taking my time to create an alternate website for our wedding info hub and now it’s finally ready to show off! It’ll continue to grow as we set more wedding details in stone but I mostly wanted to hurry up and make it available now since I’ve been feeling conflicted about how to avoid bombarding the Rachel Running Wild blog with wedding stuff. So going forward, I’ll make a huge effort to keep wedding drama on the wedding website and not here. No promises though.

Now here’s the coolest part of this whole deal… the legendary Brandon (you know… that guy I’m going to marry in May?) will also be contributing to our wedding website! Yes. stinkin’. way.

He probably won’t post as frequently as I do but hey, I’ll take what I can get. So wedding drama, lovey-dovey stories, stress meltdowns… if you like that sort of stuff, then here it is!

If you want to receive an email update when we publish new posts to our wedding website, then you can sign up at (in which case… you rock).

our wedding website is live!


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