a month in photos {November}

Just as many things got checked off the to-do list this month as were added to it. Between getting the Running Wild Designs shop logistics and business plan pieced together, trying and failing to fix my broken sewing machine, prepping for the holidays, planning our wedding, traveling to Wisconsin and back for Thanksgiving, and, and, and… I’ve just felt so busy all the time lately. It’s a good thing though. Progress is being made on all fronts and that’s an awesome feeling.

I think we’ve finally made it through the worst of the wedding planning snafus (fingers crossed!) so this month has technically been the first time that I’ve finally had time to focus on fun things like our colors, what our menu will look like, etc. but unfortunately until recently, I’ve been too burned out from the snafus to even want to plan anything else. Luckily my sisters, mom, and grandma eased me back into wedding planning mode though when they took me dress shopping over Thanksgiving. yikes! I was so nervous, but it ended up being a blast and not only did I find my dress (eek!) but my sisters, who’re going to be my maid and matron of honor, found their dresses as well! done and done!

And you know what? I’m all about the wedding planning now. Food menu, florist, hotel bookings, save the dates… heck yea. My December to-do isn’t going to know what hit it.


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