a month in photos {October}

We’re finally starting to feel settled into our home here in Arkansas. This month my dad drove his Harley motorcycle down to visit us for a ZZ Top concert… then two weeks later my older sister, brother-in-law and baby nephew flew into town for an extended weekend… and one week after that, Brandon’s mom and brother drove down from Minnesota for a weekend visit! October, you rock.

It’s amazing how being able to take family to our new coffee shops and restaurants, or being able to drive them around town visiting the historic areas and gawking at the fall foliage, has made such an impact in how I feel about our new city though. Visiting new cities and new states is always a fun adventure but I’ve discovered that there’s an altogether different feeling when you visit a place and tell yourself that you won’t be leaving it… that this is your new home.

At the beginning of October, I’ll admit that I was having a horrible time adjusting to my new life in Arkansas. Everything was so different and even the smallest things made me want to retreat to our Minnesota home. I kept telling myself that I wanted to go home and I refused to call Arkansas my home.

I’ve since began a new fitness class (barre3) and absolutely love it and the women I’m working out with… Brandon and I have had the chance to hike in some of the area’s beautiful parks (our favorite so far is Devil’s Den)… we moved into a new apartment and are soo much happier for it… I found a great job at the local food coop… we finally reserved a wedding venue… we had family galore in town…

Soo many wonderful things happened this month. As I continue to make friendships and find nostalgia in the little things this city has to offer, I know I’ll be calling Fayetteville, Arkansas my home in no time.


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