BIG NEWS {I’m Running Wild… on Etsy!}

Oh yes, you read that right! I opened a shop on Etsy a couple weeks ago and now that I have all the kinks worked out, I’m ready to do something huge. Something awesomely huge. Are you ready for this?

Running Wild Designs grand opening promo code!

Yup, it’s Grand Opening Promo Code time! But first, my shop is Running Wild Designs and it’s a fashion lab of vintage and sustainable accessories (check out my shop’s about page here). I’ve designed and sewn some super cute snap clutches and infinity scarves… with AZTEC print! I’ve been craazy for the Aztec print lately. Plus these scarves are really comfy and the great thing about the fabric I chose is that it’s soft but not fluffy – so it’s comfy and not itchy after wearing it all day (I may have made a couple for myself while I was at it… you know, for testing purposes!). I designed the clutches with durability and simplicity in mind. I use mine as a clutch but of course they’re absolutely versatile enough that you could use them for just about anything else such as a makeup bag or even an artist’s pencil and paintbrush pouch. 

Use the promo code grandopening10 at the checkout to get 10% off your purchase – plus with the purchase of more than one item, you pay the cost of shipping the first item and I’ll cover all additional item shipping fees! So get ’em while they last folks because I only made so many of these items and once these ones are gone, they’re gone! 

I have several designs staged to be released over the next few months in sync with the snowy weather, the holidays, and a few special occasions that I’ve thrown in there (psst, think Movember. get excited). 

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This shop is something I’ve had in the works for over a year. Initially I wasn’t sure how I wanted my shop to look – which style I would stick to, which products to focus on (I have waaay too many ideas sometimes guys), how to market it, what to name it…

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But as this blog has taken shape and found a spot in so many of your inboxes, Feedly, and Bloglovin readers… taking my voice and my style to Etsy came as an easy transition once I really sat down with a sketch pad, pencils, and coffee. The core of my diy intentions isn’t just creativity (granted, that’s a major part of it) but it’s also sustainability. I’ve been working with several sustainable fabric suppliers reviewing sample swatches, prices, and their sustainability efforts. The materials I use in my future designs will be made from recycled materials and 100% organic cotton. Over the next few months, you’ll begin seeing these sustainable designs making their way into the shop.

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I’ll reveal new designs right here on my blog as I roll them out in the Etsy shop. I hope you’ll take a minute to check out my shop and my about page. Happy Grand Opening Promo Code shopping!

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