a month in photos {September}

September has been a month of very little sleep and trying but failing to find balance. I’ve always said that balance is the most important thing you can do for yourself. In health, finance, time management, relationships, you name it. Maintaining an equilibrium is so important for sanity and longevity but this month, being out of my element in a new state and quite honestly, a new sub-culture, has thrown my pendulum off. Of course this is bound to happen to all of us at some point in our lives because really, if we don’t all throw ourselves out of our comfort zone, out of our element, and off balance every now and then, it’s impossible to ever become a holistically stronger person. 

So I can happily say that I am on the upswing now and with every day I can feel things coming back to a balance as we’re finding our new routines, new fitness regimes, new work schedules, new everything. I’m so happy it’s October because this is going to be a wonderful month of family visiting, autumn color, and… my birthday (yikes!).


One thought on “a month in photos {September}

  1. Healthy eating, being creative, blogging, being holistic in the fall time of year is quite uplifting to the professor. Although, I must admit he is best at eating and observing – all is important for that necessary thing known as balance. This fall blog was enjoyed!

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