a month in photos {August}

A recent boss always said “when it rains, it pours” and holey mackerel was she right!

That has been my quote of the month since Brandon and I just moved from St. Paul, Minnesota to Fayetteville, Arkansas. We were given only two weeks from the time that we learned we’d be making this major life change to the time that we were living in our new home in Arkansas.

…then one week after Brandon and I had left the state of Minnesota, my older sister and her husband moved to their beautiful new house…

…and then, one week after their move, my younger sister moved from Wisconsin to Minnesota to return to her second year of college!

Now the craziest part isn’t just that the three of us sisters all had major moves going on at the same time within a three week span, but that our parents helped each one of us with our moves! Seriously, I need to bake them a cake or something because I did the math and in three weeks, they traveled more than 3,000 miles to move their three daughters around the nation! That’s well over 50 hours of driving alone!

That’s crazy stuff.

But, we’re all officially settling into our new homes, new cities, and new states. It’s so incredible to think about the different paths we’re all traveling down right now and the best part is that we’re greeting these changes and challenges with open arms.

August was a month of ending adventures that had run their course and a month of kicking off new beginnings. September is where the adventure starts to unfold and form into a story …and it’s going to be such a blast!


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