Knee-Deep in Arkansas

Greetings from Arkansas! We have been living here for exactly one week today and boy what a wild whirlwind it has been! I can hardly believe how much our lives have changed in such a short time.

Our first day in Arkansas, touring the University of Arkansas campus!

Our first day in Arkansas, touring the University of Arkansas campus!

The most stressful part of the move was on the Minnesota side of things. Friday and Saturday were days of packing. My mom and dad drove from my hometown in Wisconsin to St Paul, Minnesota to help with the move – and wow, I am so happy they did! There is no way we could have done it without them! Sunday the boys (Brandon, Brandon’s brother Andrew, and my dad) picked up the U-Haul and we spent the whole day cramming all of our possessions into that thing. It was an event in itself – my dad was commander of playing real-life Tetris as he took charge of fitting everything into the truck while also ensuring everything was secured well enough that I could do 15 wheelies and still not manage to break anything. My mom reigned over cleaning the kitchen and packing the final items I had missed (which was a lot). Brandon and Andrew were in charge of shuttling the large items from our apartment to the truck, and I was in charge of… well… taking pictures of course! Although I, like my parents, become a crazy person when it comes to big jobs like this – I view it as a challenge that I have to get a first place ribbon in. So naturally, I shuttled carts of boxes down to the truck, racing back for my next load (I was literally running. I have a problem) with the idea that I was working doubly as hard as Brandon and Andrew. Which was not true.

Brandon’s mom and dad joined us in the afternoon as well and helped us pack the U-Haul which was such a huge and wonderful help. It was so nice that both our families were able to be a part of the first step in our adventure.

That night we all went out for a late dinner at Buca di Beppo and Brandon, Andrew and myself spent the remainder of the night vacuuming, spackling the walls, and cleaning the bathrooms. By 1:30am we were sleeping on the floor of the empty apartment in sleeping bags and less than three hours later, at 4am, I was waking everyone up, cramming everyone into the U-Haul, my parent’s truck, and my car, and we hit the road!

ready to hit the road!

ready to hit the road!

We were all so exhausted and everything felt surreal. We documented the crossing of each state line and 12 hours later… we were finally there.

The next day after we unpacked the truck, we began exploring the city. I tried (and loved!) my first grits at the Hog Haus Brewing Company restaurant, we all fell in love with Dickson Street, I was pleasantly surprised by my first coffee in Fayetteville at the Common Grounds Espresso Bar, and we had fun with the unique art outside the Walton Arts Center.

Words cannot express how completely thankful Brandon and I are that my parents and Andrew were able to make this trip with us. We still have so much to explore and learn about this city but so far we are enjoying every experience. Living somewhere new – somewhere we’ve never even visited – has been such a courageous and heart-warming adventure. We have moments of worry and homesickness but that only reminds us how important it is that we take a step back to look at the big picture and where we are. We have each other and we’re in this beautiful city with so much to explore. Honestly, that sounds like a pretty great scenario to me.

Fountain on the University of Arkansas campus


6 thoughts on “Knee-Deep in Arkansas

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  2. I am so excited for you! Fayetteville sounds beautiful. I did not know Arkansas was known as the ‘natural state’ That sounds promising! I bet the fall will be beautiful there!

    • Thank you Sharon! Hopefully not too fast, we have so much to explore and do before family and friends come visiting – hopefully we’ll know the area well enough by then so that we can show them around as true locals! : )

    • Yes it’s hard to narrow down what to include since there are so many new things to share! I hope you do come visit soon! I hear this place is at it’s best when the trees are changing color at the end of October and beginning of November.

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