a month in photos {July}

July is possibly my favorite month since it’s the true month of summer. It’s always been the one month when no one’s in school (aside from summer school of course), there’s a  town festival every other day, and the days are nice and long. I’m always sad to see July go, especially this year. I just haven’t gotten my fill of summer in yet and here we are talking about autumn and the school shopping lists are popping back up in store aisles right next to all the glittery Justin Bieber folders I can handle for a lifetime.

Oh and you know how back in June I had a major life-altering thing happen… when i got engaged?! And when that happened, July was going to be the month of getting a venue and engagement photos?? Yeah, none of that has happened. We still haven’t found the venue – well, maybe we have but certain venues apparently don’t check their email or phones more than once a month. Ah well though, things are bound to work out right when they need to and everything will be perfect I’m sure.

So July, all I have to say to you is thank you for going by disappointingly fast. Because of you, I have not figured out where on earth I’m going to get married, I haven’t gotten my kayak in the water as much as I would have liked, and I definitely haven’t eaten even half as many BLTs as I should have. Yes, I blame you July. It’s not me, it’s you.


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