our engagement

This post is a little uncharacteristic for me in this context but as I’ve been posting less over the summer in an attempt to spend more time doing summer things, I’ve made the executive decision that it’s okay to go a little out of context. Because I can and because frankly, I haven’t spent much time lately with a hot glue gun or adding holes to my walls or with my computer.

Now, some of you may know this guy…

And for those of you who don’t… meet Brandon. Fun fact: we’re ENGAGED!

Oh my lordie. I thought it’d never happen and yet now that it has, it’s so surreal and wonderful I can hardly believe it! Sometimes I catch myself peeking at my ring just to verify that it wasn’t a dream. Okay. Enough cornball stuff from this girl.

Speaking of the ring… would you like a look-see?!

Yeeeah, I can’t believe it either. Completely amazing. What’s funny is I wanted a sapphire stone but had never told him, it’s just what he picked out! (great minds think alike, ‘eh?)

He proposed on June 3rd but before you judge me for having taken so long to throw the details at you, let me try and justify myself – you see, I’ve created another website for our wedding. It’s a collaboration between the two of us where we want to provide details about the wedding and our engagement, yatta yatta yatta just like all the other wedding websites out there. Only this one is going to be a tad different in that we’ll write blog posts about our opinions on the food caterers we’re trying and the dress boutiques I’m hunting through, etc. and eventually it’ll morph into a place for us to tell everyone about our honeymoon and whatever married-person adventures lay beyond that.

Only problem is that I refuse to make the website live until we’ve taken our engagement photos since the photos we have together are horrible and the thing kinda functions on photos. But, we can’t take our engagement photos until we know our wedding date (in case the photographer we choose is booked) and we won’t know our date until we decide on a venue! Ugh! Well, it’s been nearly two months now and still no venue, but that’s another story for another day. Now to backtrack to the engagement!

It’s a bit long but every bit of it is so special…

how he proposed: 

On Monday June 3rd, I came home from work and found Brandon mixing up a tuna salad of some sort in the kitchen. A little surprised, I asked what he was doing and, after quite a bit of prying, he revealed that he was trying to prepare a picnic at Minnehaha Falls but that he was struggling to find enough picnic-worthy food. I had been saying for weeks that we should go out for a picnic, so this sounded like a great idea to me!

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a lot of vegetables or other great picnic food, so I suggested that we have the picnic later in the week. Brandon really disliked this idea, explaining that the rest of the week would be rainy and that with all the rain we had already gotten in previous days, Minnehaha Falls would be bursting at the seems – so it was really something we ought to see. I talked him into letting me make dinner at home, but he demanded that we eat our (mystery) dessert at the falls. And no, for those of you curious right now… no I was not suspicious at this point – although I clearly should have been! You have to understand though, we’re big fans of our sweets, so ending a hike with treats is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary for us!

The weather lately had been rainy, really rainy, but this day had cleared up and was beautiful – the park was packed and everyone was out enjoying the sun. After walking our normal loop around the falls, stopping here and there to watch the creek, we came up on a huge pergola where vines were beginning to climb. Brandon then pointed at a nearby bench and asked if I wanted to have dessert there. I said sure and since we had been walking for nearly an hour now I said, “well, I know it’s not ice cream!”

Brandon turned his back to me and began digging in the bag he had been carrying while I picked little white flowers off a bush that was growing towards our bench. I still didn’t think anything of his mysteriousness – my only thought was that he must have made some sort of homemade dessert and wanted to surprise me with his workmanship. So still, I was completely oblivious!

Then Brandon stood up and said, “hmm, we need a plate!” Well, I of course didn’t bring any plates and thought this was a mighty strange request as we were sitting in the middle of a park! Seeming a little frazzled, Brandon said, “well, we need to move to this bench” (pointing at a bench about ten feet to the side). “Okay” I said, shrugging and thinking well, I can assure you that there aren’t any plates over there either! But I still didn’t pick up on what was about to happen!

So we both moved to the next bench and as I sat down, Brandon knelt to one knee. He held up a giant chocolate cupcake, adorned with a lavender rose… and a beautiful sapphire ring was nestled into the rose petals! Then finally he said, “Will you do me the honor?”

Grinning like the Cheshire Cat and trying to keep from bursting with tears, I said “YES!”

And every time that tell this story or even as I write it now, I’m still grinning like the Cheshire Cat and I couldn’t be happier!


If you’re wondering what was up with the bit about needing a plate, then you’re not alone and the answer is super funny! What I later came to learn was that Brandon had intended to propose at the first bench we were sitting at however, upon sitting down and getting the cupcake ready in his bag, he realized that the ring wasn’t on top of the rose – it was still in his pocket! He panicked as he realized he couldn’t get it out of his pocket inconspicuously and needed a diversion, so walking to the next bench and being able to reach his hand into his pocket on the way was his perfect diversion!

moral of the story: we’re ENGAGED!


3 thoughts on “our engagement

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  2. Definitely has been a fun but a whirlwind over the last two months! You have gotten good at telling the story too, love you.

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