a month in photos {May}

This month feels as though it went by incredibly fast but then I look back at all that was accomplished and can’t believe what a month of transition this has been. Brandon graduated from the University of Minnesota with his PhD, my little sister finished her first year of college, we checked out a new donut shop in the Twin Cities area, our April snowstorms have been replaced by May thunderstorms, we returned to grilling our local meat on the grill outside, we took my mom to Woodland Hill Winery for Mother’s Day, played lots of board games, ate way too many sweets, I finally got my kayak in the water for the first time, and I finished planting my planter garden. Whew!

In case you’re curious, my planter garden includes one small cherry tomato plant, plus an assortment of flowers with herbs such as cilantro, lemon basil, garlic chives, and rosemary mixed in. It’s been so nice to just pop outside and grab a few sprigs of herbs to toss over eggs or salads.

For me May has always been the last month of spring and June always means summer, which makes me so excited and I can’t help but feel as though this final post of May is the kickoff to summer. Yiah! 

So don’t forget your sunscreen because long sunny days lay ahead folks, and I AM READY.


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