Kids, Don’t Try This at Home {Lessons Learned}

Last night I learned a very important life lesson. So important, it bears repeating. Get ready to learn something here people.

Don’t make boiled eggs in the microwave.

this is what a boiled egg should look like

this is what a boiled egg should look like

Yeeeah, I learned that lesson. I feel totally sheepish about it. Lets just say that I was feeling lazy so didn’t want to hand wash yet another pot. That decision was rewarded with a fairly sizable explosion. Water and egg stuffs decorated my kitchen walls. And the best part? It smelled great.

Brandon at least lightened the mood by yelling, “This is the coolest thing I’ve seen all day!” So I at least accomplished that much.

Now to those of you shaking your heads right now and muttering how incompetent I am in the kitchen, I just want to say in the winiest voice possible… no I’m not! Because this was a fluke. A minor detail my mom never thought to mention. Perhaps it was some sort of sociology experiment, or perhaps it’s just one of those cases where a mom looks at her daughter and says honey, this is one you need to learn for yourself. In which case, thank you mom. I dedicate the two hours of kitchen scrubbing last night, to you. Point taken.

I swear though, I really do know what I’m doing when it comes to making food (especially bread and desserts!). Granted, anyone can take a couple sprigs of herbs, arrange them on a plate in an artistic fashion, and call it a masterpiece. But I just really feel a need to redeem myself right now, so please tell me this looks delicious. Even if it’s a lie.

salsa-herb eggs

salsa-herb eggs



9 thoughts on “Kids, Don’t Try This at Home {Lessons Learned}

  1. Treat yourself and buy this $11 cooker: You can make eggs in the micro without having to scrub the walls for 3 hours after! We use it every morning to have hard boiled eggs for breakfast on the go.

    Also, I just made Mom some when she visited last and she was adamant that it wouldn’t work (apparently I was dreaming all those other times I made eggs in it) because Grandma made eggs in the micro once and melted everything.

    The salsa herb egg does look yummy though!

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