San Francisco

Now that I’ve finally finished processing all the pictures from our trip, I can actually share them!

Our first night in San Francisco was actually pretty rough. We were exhausted after 12 hours of traveling due to layovers and travel to and from the airport, so once we were finally checked into our hotel it felt like 3am, even though it was only 8:30pm.

San Francisco's BART train

San Francisco’s BART train

Funny story: I have family in the San Francisco area so we thought this first night would be a good time to visit the Chinatown restaurant that my cousin had recommended. Starving and exhausted, we drag ourselves through the door of said restaurant to find that they are hosting a wedding and therefore not taking regular customers. Great. So we keep walking, and walking. Trying to find a place that offers at least one dish for my tight meat-eating standards. Eventually a woman handing out coupons for her restaurant must have noticed that we were salivating (or maybe she was a mirage, we’re not really sure), because she handed us a fist full of coupons and pushed us in the door while shouting at the top of her lungs that the food is good and we will like it! Brandon by this point has developed a splitting migraine so I asked for our food to go. Upon returning to our hotel, I learn that our food is not edible while Brandon instantly falls asleep on the bed for three hours. So my first night in San Francisco consisted of ordering room service and watching The Muppets on my tablet.

Oh, and it was freezing there! Honestly, I leave Minnesota during an uncharacteristically long winter, where we’ve had record-breaking snow accumulation in April, only to go to California and see that the temperatures back home have suddenly sky-rocketed. Perfect-o.

why is California so cold?!

The rest of our trip was wonderful though. Our first full day was filled with lots of delicious food, absurdly steep hill-hiking, and sun.

That night we took a short walk to the Ferry Building Marketplace to take a look at the Bay Bridge’s light show.

Oh, and I came to learn that San Francisco-ans love their chandeliers. And so do I.

The next morning while Brandon was at a session for his conference, I slipped into my sneakers for an early-morning run. Running is truly one of the best ways to get out and see a city for yourself. I always feel as though I’m getting an insider’s view on things this way.

the Bay Bridge in the early a.m.

On our last full day we met up with a couple of San Francisco locals, who also happen to be my relatives! We are so lucky to have family in the area to show us around – without them we certainly never would have known to visit all the sites they took us to, much less manage to find our way to all of them in one day!

My dad brought me to San Francisco a while back, probably at least ten years ago now. One of the things I remember most vividly was watching the sea lions at Pier 39. So naturally, that’s where we began our day of sightseeing with my relatives.

Wandering along the piers and Fisherman’s Warf, we came across the Boudin Bakery. This is a San Francisco bakery that’s known for their sourdough and uniquely-shaped loaves. So naturally the first thing I said upon seeing this place was that I needed to make a koala bear out of bread soon as we get back to Minnesota. I’m sure it’s just as easy as it looks (hah!)

We even took a stroll through an antique penny arcade (the Musée Mécanique), a World War II submarine (the USS Pampanito, SS-383)…

…and The Palace of Fine Arts (which has a really incredible story).

These are absolutely some of the hidden gems that Brandon and I would have overlooked had it not been for my relatives showing us around town. I am so happy to have been able to explore these little gems!

We then made the treck to Fort Point and the Golden Gate Bridge…

…followed by the Sutro Baths at Lands End (i.e. the Pacific Ocean!) and San Francisco’s famous Painted Ladies.

We are overwhelmed by how much there is to see in San Francisco, and getting a personal tour of the city with family members I don’t get to see quite enough was so special. We are quite lucky to have had this opportunity and we can’t wait to head West again soon!


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