St. Paul Farmers Market and a fish named Merlin

After a long, frustrating and exhausting week at work, this was a weekend full of catching up with the little sis’, with my beloved farmers market, and with my local foods addiction.

Saturday was our fun day as the majority of Sundays are spent working on various projects and to-do lists. We kicked the morning off right by heading to the St. Paul Weekend Farmer’s Market. My little sister goes to college in our neighborhood so bright and early, I swarmed her with texts – practically dragging her out of bed to come with us. When I ecstatically asked if she wanted to come, she replied with “Okay, sure I’ll go” …which to me sounds like yeah, I’ll come but don’t expect me to smile, or change out of my pajamas, or do anything remotely fun. BUT I did convince her to come, and I did get her to smile. So, two points for me.

Although the farmers market is not yet in full swing because of all the, ahem, SNOW we still have on the ground, we were still able to find plenty of locally produced meats, breads, and cheeses. And speaking of cheese, I recently discovered a great little sheep farm that produces organic sheep’s cheese and let me tell you, it is amazing. Which is saying a lot, because I hail from the cheese capitol of the world people. Yes, the world. This sheep farm is called Love Tree Farm and I highly recommend you spend a few minutes getting to know their farm’s unique setup – what they are doing is truly incredible.

Too much snow!

Ready to begin seeing fresh herbs and starter plants at the farmers market! Michelle’s full-on angry about it.

I will never get over how beautiful the buildings in St. Paul are. They aren’t all as shiny and tall as those in Minneapolis, but they certainly feel more nostalgic and interesting.

old architecture

After getting our fill of cheese samples from the Love Tree Farm stand and espresso from nearby cafes, we made our way over to Trotter’s Cafe. I love this little spot because all of their meats and most of their other ingredients are produced locally – especially when vegetables are in season (i.e. when we don’t have a billion inches of snow on the ground and blizzards every other day in the middle of APRIL).

I am a meat locavore, which means I am a vegetarian unless if I can find meat that has been produced locally. Not just packaged locally and not just sold locally… but raised locally. By a local farmer. The idea is that it’s senseless to be shipping meat all around the country and to be eating beef that was raised in Virginia or California, when there are endless acres of beef cattle just outside our city limits. By eating my meat locally, more of my dollar is going directly to the farmer and fewer emissions are spent shipping meat back and forth for unnecessary reasons.

So long story long, when I walk into a restaurant and see a map on the wall with stickers speckling the state of Minnesota to show where all the meat on the menu is coming from… I am one happy gal.

Local foods map

this is my food heaven

I should probably mention that the desserts here are delicious as well, which is Brandon’s crucial element to deciding if a restaurant is worth revisiting.

We ended our fun day with a trip to the pet store to by Michelle a new fish. She has had a small aquarium in her dorm room for the entire year and although several fish have called it home at one point or another, none of them seemed to… well, live for very long. BUT, three times a charm right?? She picked out a beta fish this time and they tend to be far more resilient than the other little fish we had been trying. Plus this guy’s name is Merlin, so he’s bound to survive with a name like that!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend of catching up as well — Happy Monday!


3 thoughts on “St. Paul Farmers Market and a fish named Merlin

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  2. Oo, looks like fun! Someday I want an invite to go to the St. Paul Weekend Farmers Market. Just give me more than a few hours notice, please!

    Also – Merlin – I’m pullin’ for ya!

  3. That cookie was really really good, but the bison burger, bun, and ginger ale also made the trip a great place for a Saturday lunch

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