a month in photos {March}

Well life seems to have gotten in the way of blogging these past two weeks. Of course you can always find me updating every here and there on Twitter (@RW_blog) and instagram. But that’s just not the same, and since I’m constantly bursting with ideas for the next diy tutorial, the next best way to organize, and the next story of my life… the blog calendar has certainly grown longer and denser! I can’t wait to get back to sharing my ideas!

I originally wrote this post via my phone’s WordPress app in an attempt to multi-task during my daily commute. Unfortunately my phone and I don’t have the best relationship so today it was a swell surprise to find that my phone had tossed the completely finished draft of this post. And by tossed, I mean this post used to be a lot longer and a lot more fun. If you have ever created anything on any form of a computer, then you know this feeling. This feeling of wanting to throw a tantrum until you ultimately sit in the middle of the room crying. But instead tell yourself you’re an adult and it’d be far more mature to eat your remaining Easter candy while cussing a few times about how the user was not in error. Yes, that’s definitely more mature.

So to avoid dwelling over my attempt to recreate what I had originally written for this post, I’m simply going to cut to the chase. Here’s a look at my life in the past month both on and off the blog…

Happy April folks!


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