The Easter Tree

It’s been really uncharacteristically cold around here for late March and that seems to be putting a damper on my Easter spirit. I blame it on the lack of sun and vitamin D around this neck of the woods. Yesterday though I finally mustered up the energy to put my Easter tree together and now every time I see it, I am reminded that spring is here – despite the nine inches of snow that has yet to melt!

Easter tree

The great thing about an Easter tree is it’s symbolism. When I see this tree I am reminded of the warm, sunny days that lay ahead. As a symbol of spring, it’s also a symbol of new beginnings. New plants are soon to pop out of the ground, trees will soon begin showing their buds, and I’ll soon see baby bunnies popping in and out of the grass on my runs.

feathers for the Easter tree

Making my Easter tree was really simple and only took me half an hour! Simply gather a bundle of sticks, Easter grass, plastic Easter eggs, and multi-colored feathers. You can find all of this, minus the sticks, at Michaels. Well I suppose you probably can get the sticks from Michaels too, but I highly recommend going for a walk and gathering them yourself. Trust me, you’ll feel better for it. I picked my sticks up from a pedestrian trail in St. Paul, so don’t give me the excuse that you live in a city and can’t go around looking for sticks. Cities have lots of sticks. Consider it a scavenger hunt to prep you for Easter morning!

I picked out plastic Easter eggs with holes in the top so it would be easy to tie string to them for hanging

I picked out plastic Easter eggs with holes in the top so it would be easy to tie string to them for hanging

Next I arranged my sticks in a large vase (using twist ties to keep them in order) and stuffed crumpled magazine pages around the sides to hold them in place. Leave about four inches at the top of the vase empty.

assembling the Easter tree

I then filled the last four inches with Easter grass, making sure to have it overflow just a bit.

Assembling the Easter tree

Note: Easter grass is dangerous for your pets so be careful where you put your Easter tree and make sure you don’t leave any strands within their reach! The safest bet is to buy paper Easter grass.

pet-friendly holidays

Simply hang your plastic eggs with thread (I used white nylon upholstery thread) and hot-glue the feathers to the ends of your sticks for a bright, refreshing start to spring!

If you’re having a family get-together this weekend, an Easter tree would be a great way to kick off a scavenger hunt! Simply hide your scavenger hunt clue inside the eggs you hang and assign an egg to each person by writing their name on the egg or designating a specific color to each person.


my Easter tree

Happy Spring ~ let the festivities begin!


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