February Favorites {Week 3}

WELL, this post was supposed to go out yesterday but, one of the February Favorites I wanted to feature was taking a bit longer to finalize. No worries though, it’s finished and looks great! And because it was the holdup to this week’s February Favorites, it deserves to be the first mention…


So back in October, Brandon bought me a painting for my birthday. I love it. It’s a painting of the Minneapolis skyline by Adam Turman. The Minneapolis skyline is possibly my favorite view in the city, especially when viewing it from the Mississippi (which is exactly the perspective of this painting). This artist is inspired by and located in Minnesota. I was first drawn to his work when I stumbled across his line of cycling prints while working at a bike shop waayy back when and have wanted a print ever since. So when Brandon gave me a print of my favorite view in the Twin Cities, by one of my favorite local artists, I was bit excited.

Only problem is that the print wasn’t framed since Brandon thought I’d like to pick the frame and matting out myself. Smart guy. So why is this a problem? Well because it’s February and we just now got the print hung on the wall. The print is up though and it looks great. I can’t wait to re-shape the room around this painting now. I’m loving all things orange so this should be fuuun!

Mpls Pixels by Adam Turman

Mpls Pixels by Adam Turman


For Christmas, per my Amazon wishlist, my older sister gave me a Helen Chen carbon steel wok. It wasn’t until last weekend though when I finally mustered up the guts to take on the initial seasoning of my wok. My carbon steel wok was initially covered in a preservative to keep it from rusting until I began cooking with it (as is about any new wok). To get the wok food-ready I first had to scrub it clean to get as much of the metal’s preservative off as possible, then heat the wok on stove top, adding canola oil and loads of ginger, onion and mushrooms. The idea is that carbon steel is a porous metal and by pre-seasoning it, you are helping to fill the pores with these oils to create a non-stick and flavor-enhancing wok. Judging by how delicious our first wok meal was, I can’t wait to see the difference once it has been fully seasoned! Moral of the story: buy yourself a wok.

Here’s the video I followed to season and prepare my wok for our first meal from it:


I recently stumbled across Treadle Yard Goods in St. Paul. Since Brandon and I just moved here from Minneapolis, we were not terribly familiar with the area and I had passed by this local fabric shop one too many times. These guys have the cutest collection of fabrics I have ever seen in one shop. Seriously. So trendy and adorable. This is going to be dangerous.

In love with this fabric from the locally-owned Treadle Yard Goods!

In love with this fabric from the locally-owned Treadle Yard Goods!


On that same note, while working on my current fabric project which is, ahem, a DIY tutorial set to find it’s way here in about ONE WEEK, I put my foot down and decided to invest in some nice fabric scissors. Yep, invest. I have never ever ever, been able to understand the lure of buying massively expensive cooking knives, let alone scissors. But after snagging and mis-cutting my high-end fabrics ten too many times, I made a ridiculous purchase. I bought the Mundial Classic Forged 7″ Dressmaker Shears. These things are $30! Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks that’s ridiculous?! What’s really crazy is that there are plenty of other fabric scissors for upwards of $50 & $60-plus! Insane I tell you!

BUT rest assured, I managed to snag these babies on a sale for $18 – still an absurd amount of money to spend on scissors. But hey, now when someone sees my freshly-sewn curtains or pillows, they won’t be asking where I bought my fabric or if they can have a copy of the pattern. Nope. They’re going to ask what kind of scissors I used to cut that fabric. Goal. Obtained.

the sacred Mundial Classic Forged 7" Dressmaker Shears

the sacred Mundial Classic Forged 7″ Dressmaker Shears


Have you ever heard of Birchbox? It’s this great little company that sends you a box of beauty product samples once every month for a $10 fee. Seriously? I spend more than that on scissors. The idea is that you are receiving these high-end beauty products that are new to the market or may not have even come out on the market yet and you are asked to review the products you love and hate. You receive high-end beauty products; they receive your thoughts. How awesome. I just found out about this from a co-worker and am currently on the waiting list to join in on the fun. If you’re interested, here’s where you can sign up to get on the list. I was told it’s about a one month wait. I’ll definitely update you on my opinions about this company once I get my first little beauty package. I need your help though – if I start wearing gobbs of makeup like crazy aunt Thelma… someone please slap me.


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