LOVE is in the air!

I woke up to beautiful, fresh, snow-covered trees this morning.

A snow-covered morning

It’s a beautiful, snow-covered Valentine’s Day morning!

After getting back from my run, I sat down to open my valentines cards from Emily and Cathie. We all participated in the third-annual Valentine’s swap with Aunt Peaches. I am soo happy that I signed up, this was so much fun!

Opening my Valentine's mail!

Opening my Valentine’s mail!

Cathie’s card was very sweet with a big doiley-esque hart on the front and an adorable plaid ribbon.


She even wrote a sweet note.


Oh, and because I am one who frets the details and love the simplest things, the back may have been my favorite part.


Then I opened Emily’s card and this card was fun and sexy (what with the animal print and blue leather gloves)! And who doesn’t want that on Valentine’s day?!


Emily also left me a sweet note that made me laugh (PS I loove the Lisa Frank stickers).


I am feeling so full of love today, thank you soo much Cathie and Emily!

And my morning only got better from there. Brandon made some delicious apple cinnamon oatmeal and I gave him a heart sticker to match the one on my sweater… I’m guessing it came off as soon as he got in his car to go to work, but he at least humored me while I was around :)

Our apartment management even left us a cute little package of heart-shaped pastries hanging on our door! Such a nice surprise!

Valentine's Day Pastries!

Valentine’s Day Pastries!

Oh, and I just have to tell you about this crazy awesome dress that I bought via Sew Dang Cute Crafts. It is so comfy and has such a flirty fit, I love it. It’s even better without the sweater since it has open sides from the sleeve to the waist, so I’ll show you that when it gets a little warmer. I’m certain I will be wearing this dress for some summer picnics. It’s verrry cute.

sporting my new dress for Valentine's Day!

sporting my new dress for Valentine’s Day!

Tonight, I have taken the liberty of planning a romantic night for Brandon and I because really, planning a romantic night is sometimes just as fun as being surprised with one.

Right now, I can’t tell you what our night holds for fear of my Valentine reading this, but tomorrow I will have pictures of the eats and scenes of our evening. I’m soo excited!

Happy Valentine’s day y’all, I hope you feel as special and loved as I do right now.


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