Leading up to the existence of Rachel Running Wild, this post was originally published on a far less dignified site – original posting: January 9, 2013 

For the month of January, I jumped on the bandwagon with The Idea Room’s January Photo a Day. One of my resolutions for this year was to improve my photography skills so I thought this was a good way to jump-start it and let me tell you, taking a specific picture every day is not easy! I mean, sure whipping out my phone and snapping the sunrise in the morning is easy enough, but I have been trying to only allow myself to shoot these daily photos using my real camera which is a pain to lug around on the train to work and back, but if I don’t, then I’m going to be stuck with a lot of night photography since I am riding my train to work just as the sun is rising and I am riding the train home at night after it has already set. Perfect. I love having similar characteristics to Dracula. 

This has been a good challenge though, and I love that The Idea Room’s January Photo a Day offers daily one-word prompts as this gives direction but also freedom to be as creative as I’d like. Ideally, my photo a day will continue through the entire year and I will be documenting them all right here. I will likely create prompts for myself after January and will set goals of some wild and crazy stuff I’d like to try. For example, most recently I began experimenting with light painting. Wowzers is that fun! You must try it. Tonight. Be a Dracula with me, won’t you? If you don’t know what light painting is or how to get started, here is where I found the most relevant guidance

We are now well into the month of January and although I have been posting my daily photos on my twitter account (@wiesra01), I would also like to begin documenting them here. This will definitely be a fun little scrapbook to piece together come the end of the year! 

So now it’s time we catch up… 

Day 1: 12:01am 

Beaker likes parties too 

Oh my goodness this little guy is so ridiculous! This is Beaker, my sister’s dachshund. We went to their house for New Years Eve – there are very few holidays when this guy doesn’t get dressed up. He’s so sweet. 

Day 2: Resolution 

One of my handful of resolutions this year is to get back to volunteering. I was an active volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters for six years running until recently when I have been moving around with college and work and have just not had the opportunity to dedicate myself to a little. Well, that stops this year! 

Day 3: Organized 

This is a sneak peak of an old oak desk that I saved from being thrown into a dumpster. Seriously, who throws a perfectly antique, real oak desk into the dumpster?! Not this gal! I saved it. And now I am upcycling it. The project is about complete, just needs a few finishing touches and then it’ll be photogenic enough to make a larger appearance here. I’m so excited to show this thing off, it’s vintage, chic, and whimsical. So fun! 

 Day 4: Bright 

This is Brandon. He’s a guy. Well, not just any guy I guess. I do live with him. And I guess if you were to get technical, I am in love with this guy {blush!}. I think his head got a little big when I asked him to be in my photo for the prompt bright, but then I turned off all the lights and started using a flashlight to draw circles above his head. That’s when he became a little nervous as to how stable my mental state is. hah! No really, Brandon is the one who introduced me to light painting and, well, he knows the science behind it while I have billions of ideas about how to set up the photo and actually paint with the lights. I have some more complex ideas than this one, we’re just waiting for it to warm up a bit outside since it’s single digits out there right now. No thank you! 

Day 5: Early 

This little lady is Lila (pronounced lee-la). Yep, like Futurama. I know, nerd alert! Anyway, Lila is our 2-1/2 year old kitty. She was abandoned on my mom and dad’s farm as a kitten, much too early to be without a mama. So Brandon and I adopted her and now she pretty much runs the place. She was diagnosed with epilepsy about 7 months ago and for a while we were working hard to maintain a balance between quality of life and medications but she had a terrible reaction to the epilepsy drugs and her blood count took a dramatic and scary turn for the worse. Luckily with the help of an amazing staff of veterinarians, we were able to get her back to a healthy blood count and we are now doing our best to keep her happy without meds. She is still having seizures on occasion but we think we have identified some of the triggers. This little girl is a fighter… and an early bed-timer. This photo was taken at 7:00pm. Good grief. 

Day 6: Work 

My kitchen had the worst lighting when we first moved in and I can. not. stand. working in my shadow! Am I the only one who has a fetish with this? I’d rather have all the lights off in the kitchen than work with the darkest spot of the room right in front of me. So I have finally installed under the cabinet lights in there and I LOVE them! Plus, bonus, after I bought them I realized that the whole light is connected to the base by two big magnets so now I basically have a couple LED flashlights at the ready aaand, being LED, it’ll take them forever to need new batteries and when they do, I can just use my rechargeable batteries. So much more efficient than throwing old batteries out every time! Here are the lights if you’re interested. 

Day 7: Relax 

To relax after work the other night, I spent an evening in the kitchen baking artisan breads and homemade veggie pizza. I can’t think of a homier feeling than kneading bread and smelling that delicious stuff baking on the stone. YUM! This pizza was delicious! The recipe is from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, written by a Minneapolis, Minnesotan! There are some fantastic recipes in here and it really warms you up to the idea of letting your bread rise overnight or even all week in the fridge. I know, I thought it sounded crazy at first too but the bread still comes out great – if not better – and it’s so nice to have bread dough ready and waiting to be thrown in the oven at any time. So gratifying! 

Day 8: I am… 

I am in love with watching the sunrise from my work window! My desk faces the Metrodome (where the Vikings play football) and it is such a great view no matter what season or time of day. Sometimes as I’m sitting here I have to think about how surreal it is to be sitting here on a daily basis – especially considering I grew up in such a rural setting and places like this were where we went for vacation! Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed and out of the loop but I really am having fun in my “big city experience.” 


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