my hopes for 2013

Leading up to the existence of Rachel Running Wild, this post was originally published on a far less dignified site – original posting: January 6, 2013 

The start of every new year always comes with resolutions – the majority of which never live to the month of February. I am guilty of this as well. I always make several wishes for myself at the beginning of a new year and occasionally I do succeed in carrying those resolutions out, but it seems lately that those successes are happening less and less frequently. The monotony of work and everyday stresses seem to be getting in the way. That is why I am creating this journal, to keep track of my successes. Because as I was looking back at what I accomplished in 2012, I wasn’t able to recall a whole lot. I know I achieved more than I am recalling, but so many of our accomplishments are everyday ones. If we were all to measure only the monumental achievements in a year, I don’t think too many of us would be very happy with ourselves. It’s the small things though that make us happy on a day to day basis. Finishing that to-do list by the end of Sunday and finally giving that diy project a whirl, are the little things that make us feel contentment at the end of a day. 

I have had several blogs in my past. Four to be exact. I am guilty of having let them all run dry. I love writing, although I thrive on diversity. I’ve pinpointed that as the reason for my previous blogs falling short. I’ve always picked one thing that I love and then focused on that. However, the reason I love all the things that I do, is because each activity offers diversity in my day and new avenues for me to channel my creativity. My most recent blog for example, something I was proud of for about three years and something I had even seriously contemplated making a substantial investment in, dried up because there were days when I wanted nothing more than to sew a dress and then show it off on the blog – however it was a baking blog where I shared recipes and sold custom cakes and pastries, and my cute little sun dress just didn’t fit in. It never felt right to all of a sudden start talking about the desk I just upcycled or the regal wall clock I designed. I was always focusing on pageviews and would stew over posts, debating whether or not the opinions I was voicing would turn my readers away from me. After three years, making my cakes became a chore and it just wasn’t fun anymore.  

For a while I ate myself up for having dropped the ball on something that was growing and gaining popularity with every detail of attention I lent it. Until recently. I have developed an itch, a mighty strong itch, to get back to writing. I want to write about something fun. Something creative. Something very me. I want to bake again, but I don’t want to repeat the same pitfalls I have made in the past. Now that I have identified the reason for my previous endeavors burning out, I am thrilled to be back in the game. I’m not going to let myself look at pageviews. I refuse. This blog is purely about what I am creating right now. A little about love. A lot about life. This is a journal. If you don’t like my writing style, then go elsewhere because I’m not here to impress anyone. 

The goal here is to look back at 2013 and be able to remember all the things that happened. The good and the bad. The monumental and day to day achievements. Because life is not sugar coated and it’s certainly not about how successful my blog was. It’s about the things we’ve accomplished and the people in our lives who make those accomplishments worthwhile.  

With that, I raise my glass to 2013; It’s nice to meet you. 


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