a month in review {January}

Leading up to the existence of Running Wild, this post was originally published on a far less dignified site – original posting: February 6, 2013 

Thank goodness February is here because January ended up being an exhausting month that just wouldn’t go away. 

On the up side, Brandon and I did get some snowshoeing in… 

And we got to spend a weekend with my family at a remote cabin in Northern Wisconsin which was so fun since my nephew is just about 6 months old now. I see him nearly every week and it’s absolutely amazing how quickly the little squirt is growing… 

Then Brandon’s little brother came for a visit and bought a kayak! (more on that later)

Some of our friends from out of town stayed for a weekend so we went to see the Ice Castles. I cannot put into words just how beautiful this place is. Oh my goodness. If you are in the area of St. Paul, Minnesota, you must go there. So beautiful. 

On the 24th, Brandon finished his PhD! So crazy. He defended his dissertation in front of his committee and I was lucky enough to get to be there for it. It was so special for me to be a part of that. It killed me that I couldn’t take any pictures of him while he was presenting though, he looked so damn spiffy up there in his suit as he explained his research and statistical graphs and why certain computations came out the way they did and… let me just sum it up by saying that I was mainly there for motivational support. I don’t honestly have a clue what the majority of his statistical graphs meant. But that’s okay. It’s just like the old guy at Home Depot said while cutting pvc pipe for a picture display I was creating. As Brandon gave him the dimensions I needed, the man looked at me and said, Ohh I get it, so you’re the right brain and he’s the left brain!” Too funny. So anyway, we are anxiously awaiting May when he will walk for his very. last. diploma. 

And finally on the 31st, Brandon and I celebrated our fourth anniversary! It’s amazing to think back to when we first met and how awkward we were! I never would have gotten to know him had he not volunteered to walk me home in a snowstorm that night. Who knew that a month later we would go on our first date and a year and a half later, we would move in together? I love the way those goofy, awkward, small little moments that don’t seem like much in the moment, can turn into something so huge in your life. 

Happy February y’all, I hope you have many awkward little moments that turn into something huge.


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