February Favorites {Week 2}

Leading up to the existence of Running Wild, this post was originally published on a far less dignified site – original posting: February 12, 2013 

Well shoot, it’s a new week again. Yayyy! I hope y’all had a crazy awesome weekend. I know I did. We have been hit with a snow storm… and ice storm. It’s been real lovely. Well, real lovely for hunkering down and getting some quality time at home anyway (sorry to all you folks who had to venture out into that mess of a storm). 

Well, it’s time for Week 2 of February Favorites!… 


While hanging around the house with a hot cup of coffee and my computer, I finally decided on what photo sharing site I wanted to go with. For the last two months (yes, I’m an indecisive person… why do you ask?), I have been trying to decide between FlickrSlickPic or Photobucket. Well I finally went with Photobucket and have began syncing it with the photos on my hard drive. I created albums labeled DIY, Great Eats, Photography Fun and several others. Once I have them a little more pieced together and polished up, I will share them here but for now… this is just a teaser of some fun photos that are soon to come. If you are looking for a photo sharing site as well, here’s a site that breaks down your options while showing comparisons and reviews.


I recently switched to this new dish detergent on a search for something with fewer harsh chemicals, dyes and perfumes. Well I found what I was looking for with Method Smarty Dish. Now the entire kitchen doesn’t smell like a chemical science lab every time I run the dishwasher and I can rest more assured that I am not consuming those chemicals or contributing to the absurdly chemical-filled sewers.  

The only thing that would make it better is if it were biodegradable. Can you imagine how much more efficient our water system would be if we weren’t spending so much energy at the wastewater plant filtering and sanitizing all the chemicals out of the water? 

How awesome.


I am going room by room trying to find ways to simplify. I’m minimizing the clutter, simplifying the décor and organizing. I am in love with my new blanket basket and really don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner. Any time I’m relaxing on the couch, I am burrito-wrapped into a blanket. Always having at least one blanket strewn on the couch along with all the pillows just makes the room seem cluttered and going to the closet down the hall every time I want to bundle up in my cocoon is just annoying. So now I have found the best of both worlds. The blankets are off the couch and organized into a cute wicker basket that’s tucked off to the side. What’s even better is that now my guests have a handful of blankets at their disposal so they can just help themselves. Easy peasy. 


Holy smokies, have you ever used a Dyson before? If not, it’s totally worth the arm and leg you have to lose to get one. These suckers are crazy good at picking up cat hair (of which our home is constantly chock-full of, thank you Lila), erasing shavings from doodling and re-doodling that idea that was really great in your head but now doesn’t seem like such a great idea, and it’s even great at getting little microscopic food pieces out from the divots in our kitchen’s tile floor. My mom has used Dyson vacuums for years – she even has one on each floor of the house! (In case you’re wondering, I have the Root8Cyclone and love it. Dyson does sell a pet hair-specific vacuum (DC24) as well but my Root8Cyclon works just as well aaand despite the way they market the DC24 to look like it is original in having a HEPA filter, my Root8Cyclone also has that HEPA filter. I have used both and the main difference is that the DC24 has higher suction (too much if you ask me, since I’m constantly running across rugs, shoelaces, etc.). 

BAM! Take that, evil cat hair in my carpet!


Please forgive me for this mega-nerdy moment: Rayman Legends. Oh. my. goodness. This game is so stinkin’ fun! I mean seriously, look at how cute the characters are!…

Anyway, this game is called Rayman Legends and was supposed to come out this month but has now been postponed until September. Major bummer, eh?!! The game was originally designed for the WiiU console but is now being created for the PS4 and therefore… I get to continue playing and re-playing the demo for six more months. Yayyy…

Gahh, they are too cuuute! 


What do you think?

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